Thursday, August 20, 2009

City of Discontent Process Works

Alrighty, so process works, you know what it does. I'll keep it short, clean and to the point. I like it just like that.

Premise: I got this as one of two layout projects in 2007. One of them was already done and I moved on to the second piece. And got this (below)

Don't forget to click on the pics if you wanna see them large, btw.

First draft was basically the final draft. I liked the concept so I scanned the sketch up in 3 parts and stiched them together in photoshop since my scanner could only take a4~5 size paper whereas the sketch was done on a 17 by something inch paper.

And then I popped up a new multiply layer on top and painted in basic colors. I have a habit of using dull colors for my initial paints, but that's gonna be tweaked later via overlay, color balance and etc.

And once I have the general idea of the overall color scheme, this is where I pop another layer on top with normal property. I just paint over all the lines since they were not drawn tightly enough to be pleasant on their own.

A little dash of overlay layer. I use this layer property quite liberally. This layer does wonderful things to your painting if you know where to place them. I used whitish yellow to really highlight the bright light effect.

Another normal layer is created on top to create a misty effect on the far side of the scene, and also to unify the shadow overall. I don't really know why I did this now that I look at it from my current perspective - it feels completely redundant. I basically painted over that part again later anyway.

A little bit of blank spots between here and the last step. My saving habit can be spotty at times. In any case, I just kept on introducing new colors for different object via a normal layer, and merged all the layers so I can use 'color balance' under Image->adjustment. Basically here on I pretty much have my final color.

It's just more detailing from here on. Most time is spent on adding in little details, hints to what this piece may be about, inside jokes and fixing errors such as anatomical or perspective problems.

More detail painting and color fixes here and there.

More details... Phew!

And you can see here I'm laying foundation for electricity poles in the far background. Objects like wires and hairs that really interrupts the flow of the scene is easier drawn in after you've finished the background.

And the wires are drawn in. Notice the color is still dull and gray-ish.

And here some tweaks with color balance and brightness/contrast is used to really highlight the piece. But then I also don't recommend this in the long run. This is something I try to move away from. Post-processing is a cheap trick for painters and although I'm not innocent from its crimes, it's something better left not done.

And here it is, the final piece in its '50% of the original size' glory.

I hope I didn't write it up too short to anyone's dissapointment. I would like to describe in details but my experience, my emotional state, or anything of that regard is irrelevant. Maybe I'll have the next process works written up in bit more detail only if it is requested in overwhelming numbers.

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