Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brushie Brushie

I mean...

Is finally here. 

So there's been massive number of changes since Version 1.0. There were at least few dozen internal version updates and brush testing. All the brushes I found were weak and relatively dysfunctional have been removed, as well as adding new sets of brushes for different situations.

This is the basic rundown on brush functions divided by categories. I really use 5 or so brushes 90% of the time, so all I can say about my brush set is that they're still experimental.

I love the Penciler brush I made, though. It's the perfect lineart brush I've been looking for.

I dunno if anyone's looking for previous versions, but I'll have them up if requested. It'll take some effort to find the right versions among few hundred versions files I have, though.