Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jeezy Chrizy

Oh man, I just finished the IFX workshop and I'm exhausted. I haven't been posting recently precisely because of it. Meeting deadline is a challenge one must meet and I think I did okay. I wish I had more time to proofread it, though. They'll probably love how much I butcher their language.

So this is the finished version of the pic I recorded some time ago. I didn't get to record the rest of it because I was in a bit of rush so I really wanted no extra pressure on top. This is also the main pic the workshop will feature.

And then some other images the workshop will use as examples...

Anyways, I need some rest... I'll reply to new comments when I'm not dying lol.

I can also begin larger updates to my blog (with deleted DA pics, brushes, tuts etc), but that's also when I'm not dying of exhaustion.