Saturday, June 26, 2010

So I bought a new camera...

A point-and-shoot called DSC-HX5V from Sony.

Normally I'm pretty reserved on telling people of my purchases or private life altogether, but I had a little magical moment with this new gadget of mine, and I thought it'd be worth sharing.

Now, this camera is touted as having full 1080i HD video capability and superior noise reduction in low-light condition. The reviews were fantastic, and all the features seemed far better than most other cameras in the price range. After few days fiddling around review sites, I bought the camera.

The camera is everything it promised to be. I was always dissatisfied with pixel noises during night time with previous point-and-shoot cameras so I naturally took it out on the first night and decided to give it a go.

After taking few photos of my yard, I suddenly got the idea to point it up towards the sky and take a snap of it.

The night was complete dark and I hardly saw anything with my naked eyes. I took a shot anyway.

But at first, there was nothing. Only specs of dust that somehow got on the lens. I thought it was strange considering I only got the camera few hours earlier. I decided to adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture to see if there was anything...

And the heavens unfolded before my eyes. The photons that shot off from stars millions and billions of lightyears away from me actually hit the sensor of my camera and produced this image. It was pure awesomeness. This was done not on a tripod, but on my rather shaky hand. A perfectly sharp image of the universe off this little camera that sat atop on my fleshy carbon atoms.

Anyways, this camera is a total keeper and 1080 video is pretty darn awesome too. If you're looking for your next point-and-shoot, you may wanna give this some consideration.