Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Color me insane

but I do take my commandments very, very seriously.

Alright. It's REALLY done now. For most part, I felt that I seriously violated many of my own commandments while working on the previous incarnations, so I decided to start anew from scratch.

Specifically, the 4th version started with a fresh sketch, not a modification on a crappy base like the previous ones. Also Mudbox is completely OUT. I had few funs with Mudbox but the program does not fare too well in conjunction with a natural flow of a 2D drawing. The stiff posture that started last year had to be remedied. His torso now correctly rests in a slight, natural angle and he is overall more slumped down. The face which was placed at a perfect 3/4 angle is also changed to heighten the overall mood. It should feel more natural now.

Alright. Time to really move on.

For David Murphy and his comic project: