Monday, August 2, 2010

Jinbrush Update

The new update isn't very much an addition to my past brush sets, but rather a deduction.

I'm basically releasing how I have my brush set up on my current photoshop workspace.

Disclaimer: I saved this brush in CS5. Theoretically, it should work in all versions of photoshop CS, but it also may not. Godspeed.

As the description say, every one of them counts and are useful for something. I have basically rid of all the brushes I felt redundant. Keep the brush numbers low, and the photoshop stays fast and responsive.

Also I have added 1 brush that has been critical to my recent workflow. And that is the 'Bushy Fraud' brush I made.

Bushy Fraud is basically a modified version of 'Bushy Road' and it's been working wonderfully for me. As demonstrated above, the brush eases the extreme differences between hard and soft brushes while staying interesting enough by itself. Painting process has been much shortened because of this - by removing extra efforts like blending or sharpening.

Along with my 'Penciler' brush, I can see myself using this baby for a long time...