Monday, August 2, 2010


2 hr quickie. Just getting hang of the whole lineart stuff - I think.


Man, I've been drawing for a long time eh? almost 23 years of continuous drawing and 14 years of that have been on computer. I feel like I've just started getting pretty good at this drawing business.

Something to note is that I have an extensive backup habit. I have 2 1.5 gig HD for backing up all my works. One of them is in my computer, as a second partition. I use that to store all my current ongoing works plus all the backups. The second HD, which is sitting on my USB dock as an external HD, just stores all my backups in case one of the HD goes bad.

I save as new once every 30 minutes or so when I work. So I end up with approx 2~100 PSD files depending how long I spend on drawing the piece. I basically preserve all the steps so I can go back to them at any given moment.

This saving habit mainly started when I lost all my digital works prior to 1997 when I used to draw on MSpaint on the 77mhz computer which just broke down, and fully blossomed when I had few of my files corrupted on Corel Painter because of their save bug back in 2002 (thus the reason I don't use Painter to this date).

I don't think anyone needs to save as extensively as I do, but does give me some comfort when I press the shift+ctrl+s key. I'm pretty anxious without it. Heh.