Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long time no post.

Hey hey.

I'm still jamming on my own private project, all the while working on the few contracts I'm obligated to, and then the turn was for David Murphy and his characters. ( )

His comic project is going strong and starting to get noticed. Give the site a visit and take a look around. The comic has some cool SF action going on.

His name is Destrato and the weapon of his choice is dual wield saber.

His former incarnation and the latest changes.

Alrighty. I've got no vids for this piece. I'm rocking a 30 inch monitor (from previous 24 inch) with 2560x1600 screen res. Pretty badass, but bad for recording stuff real-time...

I'm gonna tweak the blog design for next few days. This place could use some sprinkles and flashy gifs.