Wednesday, February 1, 2012

harvest 63

Somebody forgot to spy check.

So I'm still recovering from my recent trip. Not helped by the fact that whenever I need to go somewhere, or do something of significance, I become uneasy therefor unable to draw before and after for some time. 

My ability to draw depends on this very finicky brain of mine and I often require a bit of recovery time. 

But also exhausts my creativity is the state of my health (which is kinda fine for now), work environment, and the level of frustration in my brain.

In short, my brain often wants to not draw than it wants to. It's pretty nasty for a person who needs to work his ass off not to be able to fluently do so.

I returned from the trip almost a week ago and above is the first piece I drew, which only took about 3 to 4 hours. So it took a week for my brain to prepare itself for 4 hours of work. Efficiency.

Actually this is the first piece I drew since the return, but the quality is a bit lacking. I might run this through a revision or a complete revamp later (along with demoman and sniper)..

So in short, if you're able to motivate yourself to draw everyday, be glad that you can.

Anyways, since my condition is recovering at a fairly good rate, expect more frequent posts in coming days, weeks and months.

That is all.