Sunday, May 27, 2012

Champions of Reason

This is something I've wanted to work on for the longest time, but was unable to due to circumstances at the time. Now that I got around to finally doing it and I'm feeling rather great about it.

This is a depiction of people I intellectually admire. I say admire because it is rather impossible for me to take someone as a hero, looking past their human flaws. But it is their flaws that makes them human, which makes their intelligence all that more admirable.

There are many, many others who didn't make in this art who are just as awesome. They have my appreciation although not on this art.

Alrighty. Moving on.

Edit: As promised, here's the larger PSD file for printing. The art is reduced to 50% of its original size, but it is still sitting at 6566x4128 pixels, which should be plenty for any kind of printing situations.

The only condition for the usage of this artwork is to keep it non-profit. I do not care how or where you use it as long as the condition is met and you have my permission as long as it is so. Just to be clear, by non-profit I mean you may not make any money from my work.

Also if you feel like being extra nice, you may also link back to me (this blog), or credit me when and where you use the piece.