Saturday, June 22, 2013


So I recently watched The Last of Us, and by watched I mean I saw youtube let's plays because I don't own a console. I'm a type of gamer who usually skips all cutscenes because in most games, cutscenes are nuisance- something that gets in your way of enjoying a game. In this game however it was something to be watched, treasured, digested and really think over.

The actual story itself was kind of dull, but the dialogue and the character animation really brought everything together. At the end of it I even had a feeling of sadness like the one you experience after reading a good long book - all that from few hours of cutscene videos.

It's an incredible testament to how well developed characters, dialogue and acting (animation) can really push a medium as an art form.

Another one of these games that left a strong impression on me was The Walking Dead by Telltale. Obviously, a game coming from a small studio isn't as fleshed out as something Naughty Dog can put out, but it handled story and mature subject fairly well - which earned them well deserved praises as seen from last year.

It's also pretty interesting to consider that they both use the same genre and carry a similar theme to drive the story. Two of the most praised story-driven games in this generation, two games, one genre, and similar themes. Interesting.

I bet Ellie and Clementine would've made good friends.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quickie quickie

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


This one's for Imagine FX magazine workshop. It's a full, detailed painting tutorial/walkthrough so you might wanna check on it when it comes out.

Also... do you have 3 hours to kill? Well, have I got a video for you!

Alrighty then.