Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More of these stuff

As usual, this is one of the last remaining few of David Murphy's comic project which can be read from here:

This one's called 'Morothor', a battle mech/robot.

So there are 3 more of these left, once done, marks an end to a journey that began in 2009. Hopefully the rest will happen soon enough.

Of course, also a video to accompany the piece. I however didn't record through the end, as after the 10th hour detailing became too meticulous to be meaningful and noticeable.

If the video is not up, give it some time.

On a different topic, this blog has rather been a bit... well, not kept up to date. Some menus are still lackluster and the old forum has vanished due to inactivity. The Q&A stuff on reddit still don't have custom graphics and whatnot. I'll get to them albeit slowly.

That is all.