Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meh 002

So there's this piece I did a long time ago.

I recently re-did the elven girl thingy so I thought I'd give this one another go.

But I had foregone the fact that the piece was a flawed concept to begin with. I tried spicing up the piece as I saw fit, but I couldn't help but get bored out of my mind drawing something I didn't find interesting.

So the piece stops here.

This, by the way, was 40 days ago. I have not touched it since. Aesthetically it looks alright, but conceptually, it's just a girl drawn from low angle perspective. The whole piece was about putting my drawing skill to the test (specifically, drawing extreme angles), and as soon as I felt that I was doing it sufficiently enough, I lost all the reason to continue drawing and spending (and wasting) time on putting details on it. Will it look good if I finished it? Probably. Does its artistic merit do justice to possible time and effort that it will require to finish? Nah. And Meh 002.

Also video: