Saturday, September 27, 2014

68 faces and 1 thing

Well, I had imagined going totally nuts on my intro video and make it overwhelmingly epic. But then the life crushes any soul out of you and leaves you as husk of a man.

So what I had in mind was an intro video where I narrate whatever I need to give new viewers some idea of what my channel is going to be - and a time-lapse video of me drawing a bunch of different faces playing behind it.

Well I ended up drawing that epic background piece for over 10 hours and even when sped up by 10 times it still ended up around at 1 hour and 15 minutes. But still, at the time I was like all "cool cool, it's just gonna be even more epic."

But then I had over-estimated how long the actual narration was going to be. I had a cannon shell ready but I ended up getting a pea-shooter clocking at measly 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Not even enough to display me drawing each faces for 3 second.

I mean it's already nail-bitingly horrifying the sound of my own voice coming out of the speakers. I couldn't even fit in the epic background in a reasonable way. So the video got cut to bite sizes, with only a handful of faces making a semi-decent appearance.

So hopefully I won't go overboard in the future vids and make reasonable concession on the fly before I make any heavy commitments. Morale of the story? Dream realistically. Don't aim for the moon. Just shoot the damn stars already.

Oh and the unedited raw video so you can enjoy the process in its full glory. Online when it is.

That is all.