Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jinbrush 2014

For Photoshop CS or higher. (Only tested with Photoshop CC but should work with CS AFAIK)

Last bit of organizing before the recording begins. This one was quite a bitch to put together.

What I had to do was - I basically had to go through over 200 brushes I've made in my time with Photoshop (That's like since 2003), selecting only the ones that moderately worked and discard the rest. Then I had to categorically organize them, and to help with the navigation I created a number of divider brushes to mark the category inserted into every 5 brushes. I then had to make sure the labeling relatively accurately represented each sections (Which I had to do over and over, with some categories being deleted and made over about 10 times), then shifted the brushes around a bit more for better categorization. And then I tested the brushes again to see they worked as intended. Also I tested the performance of most brushes so they were not a resource hog (Although there still are some), re-making some of the brushes to be more speed friendly. Again then I had to create a couple more brushes to fill the quota, and finally then gave all the brushes a new name to be more intuitive and easy to recognize (And because the names were kinda cheeky before).

The brush organization was a pure chaos before this work was made. To the point where I just never used most of my own damn brushes. I probably still won't use most of these brushes but I'll probably use them more than I did before. Seriously, I used to use like 5 brushes. Now I can at least see what's where. Oh, and also I did a bit more testing and researching to make a new main brush. The one I used mainly before had a single fatal flaw - in a very specific angle the smoothness of the brush broke down and gave a sharp rendering which kinda messed up with my shading tech. Now there's a brush that fixes the issue and replaces it. I'm hoping to get quite a bit of mileage out of the new main brush.

This brush set should comprehensively cover most aspect of digital painting, from heavily rendered style to digital comics. I'm releasing this as a free for all so you may use this commercially. No credit needed. Just don't go around saying you made this.

At some point down the line I'll be doing a brush tutorial covering some of the better brushes, if not all. Well, enjoy the brush set until then. I may get to swatches some day but that thing's still a big mess so don't hold your breath.