Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hold your horses

Like everything I do it's taking a bit of time. It's gonna be about two 1 hour (or 40 minutes if I speak really fast) tuts to get things started so it's heck a lot to write and narrate. Fortunately the writing part of the first part is finished and being narrated. After that will be some drawing and video editing. And of course I'll have to do the same process for the second part before I can upload them both.

Anyways it's coming when it is. Hopefully it'll have all the juicy stuff you guys been wishing for. Whatever left out will be for later videos, which will be much shorter and to the point - as the first two videos will cover the most basic stuff so I won't need to fill you in or get sidetracked.

I haven't been drawing much since I started the writing process. My brain practically works on a single thread so no multitasking for me. Not that it's efficient either. Get a writer's block? Play vidya for rest of the day. So pretty much I'm working when I literally feel like working. It's habit forming and not a good one either. Well, anyways.

And don't watch Taken 3. Masturbating to a picture of Hulk Hogan in a rundown alley right next to a dumpster where they throw out used heroin needles is a much better alternative. At least one of them won't ruin your week.

I think I'm gonna draw something later tonight for quick upload. No, not Hulk Hogan.

Anyways peace