Thursday, January 22, 2015

If I wear this... maybe sempai will finally notice me...!

It's not me. It's you...

Anyways really better get back to that video stuff. I'm moving soon so I've given myself some 10 days to finish this shit so in any case you'll see the two parter video within 10 days.

And to explain the recent surge of posts is that I've been fucking myself over with shitty line tool I made (for years, even), and just finally realized that after purchasing a Surface 3 and fiddled around with Sketchbook Pro.

So it turns out line tapering (or brush size with pressure sensitivity) lends itself to further requirement for additional fixes and edits as well as not scaling well with larger or smaller resolution canvases. Just simple size 5 round brush with no pressure sensitivity on both opacity and size would have been perfect, but then the need for tweaking brush sets got the better of me. Also not to mention enlarging the brush doesn't give it a fuzzying effect like the former line tool, which is much easier for quick edits.

But all that isn't necessarily for better quality art, but for smoother and more streamlined drawing experience. It just made drawing interesting again and that was enough for me.

Anyways for Surface 3 I'm gonna have to use it a bit more to really know if it's viable but for now it's an interesting device. I'll have to load up Photoshop on it and see how it fares. I might do a review on it later down the line as a blog post.

Oh and I'll be pretty much off for the entirety of February and March. But then I have a portable drawing device so I might still be uploading. But in any case I'm gonna get the vid out before Feb so hopefully people will watch that meanwhile instead of wondering where I went.