Friday, May 12, 2017

more yandere stuff

Continuing the sketches. Coloring some of them as I go.

The emphasis is at getting the crazy eye right, I feel. She should look very distinctly yandere, yet she is the main character so she can't be too downright insane.

I will have to modify her looks on the uncolored pieces to really nail it, but as for colored ones I think I got it right.

Just doing these for fun btw. Once this is out of the way I'll be back to my old stuff.

Also, I will try to post updates more frequently. Possibly daily just as I used to, if I can. I'll see how it goes.

P.S. And btw, this blog somehow got flagged for adult content. Either someone reported or google content ID system saw too much skin color somewhere. I mean, it was coming I suppose. Last post got some borderline stuff.

Whatever, I guess. Just an extra click to get in.

Oh, and almost forgot this one. Did this one for quick speedpaint recording. However I can't post on youtube until I made some Garageband music though.