Wednesday, July 12, 2017

working on form

Last time I did any amount of serious anatomy study was back in 2007 so it's basically been 10 years since I looked at an anatomy book and it's been rather telling. I feel like I've been getting rusty with it and it was seriously impeding my drawing process, forcing me to redraw parts over and over since I kept getting it wrong.

But instead of trying to memorize everything through repetition, I simply decided to start working on an one-page solution so I never have to practice or memorize anything ever again.

So cross referencing all the anatomy studies, photos (mostly porn since they show the best parts wink wink), and other resources, I made a 'graph' of sort. Once I finish it I may print them out to hang so all my anatomy issues will be solved forever.

Nonetheless this is going to be an ongoing process as the anatomical info gets tweaked and optimized.

Another thing to note is that I've felt during the studies that anatomy books either contained too little or too much information, so this is a kind of reduction to the absolute necessity. It's designed to show all the critical 'chunks' that make up a human body instead of individual muscles that shows too many crevices or skins which hides too many details.

And the bottom piece is just the application of things I've been learning from the whole experience.

Anyways this is a progress report on what I've been up to. I've got too many shit on the backlogs but I'm just gonna have to get them done one by one steadily as possible.