Monday, August 21, 2017

Jinmusic 001

So the story is that at one point in Youtube's history they had licence free music service on their video settings which allowed you to overlay music to your video with Google provided application. I foolishly took their word and used what they provided me, a supposedly free music that isn't held back by some copyright laws or shits of sort.

And Google one day ended the program, and what was once in their 'free' library got loose and started flagging people's videos. It was already late by then. The video was hard encoded with the said music and it couldn't be reversed. Of those videos the lucky few had their audio scrubbed permanently but even those got flagged for some reason, to my great frustration.

Google once again provides those 'free' music on their creator platform but the damage is done. I decided that what I didn't create can not be trusted.

So today I made a music of my own to play to videos I create.

Starting the learning process was rather steep. This finished piece is after about 8 different attempts with the tune going basically nowhere. But this morning something clicked and I was able to breeze through it in like 4 hours.

The music is by design intentionally 'dull' or 'nondescript' since it will be repeated to death in a 4~5 hour Timelapse video. However, hopefully the lightening will strike multiple times so I can expand my music library down the line.


P.S.: This also means I can start pumping out videos again.