Wednesday, November 29, 2017

4 Resets and 5 2Bs Ago...

Sometimes to get that precise look you are looking from your piece you gotta go nuts. Sometimes trying the same thing over and over expecting different result... works I suppose?

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Evolution of another piece.

Sooooooooo I've been streaming on buncha places if you haven't been keeping up with me. And as one of my starter pieces for my streaming career I've chosen something very meme-able.

But it ain't without a history of sort. This shit goes wayyyy back.

The year is 2009 When I was still fresh at Deviantart gradually building a following. I liked doing fanarts although I was never a huuuge fan of any game franchises. It was the different situations you could put those characters in I found it so interesting to do. I think this may have been one of my earliest fanart streaks I began doing that somewhat saw internet success.

To carry over that momentum I quickly decided to do another one with Daisy, but with much worse reception and just overall lack of inspiration to have a serious artistic merit.

I mean, it was alright I guess. But it wasn't the huge hit the first one was. It kinda kept this piece in the back of my mind in the coming years.

And in 2012, I decided for a refresher of the aforementioned piece, which was also well received. I felt the time was coming for another attempt at the Daisy.

And then I had the piece up to this point before I got jaded. I was going through some health issues and then compounded by real life stuff that kinda took drawing time off me. I went on a hiatus for next few years.

And in recent months I slowly gained my health back and gave it another go at the characters, but this time with potentially ALL of the Nintendo princesses or what could be considered as one. But the work environment that carried me over so many years - Photoshop was slowly growing apart from me. I no longer found joy working on a desktop with Intuos as new technologies like iPad began to take place.

So then with the purchase of iPad I imported the piece over to be worked on it. As the sketch was beginning to take shape I went through several revisions which once finished ended with the art at the top.

And the great benefit about using Procreate is that it keeps everything you've done on a canvas as a neat little video file, which lets me quickly create a Timelapse video without investing too much effort compiling for one. Pardon the shitty (self made) music, you'll have to live with that for a while.

So here it is. Another piece done. While you are here, visit one of my many, newly created websites to keep up to date with me.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

sometimes your art can take an unexpected turn...

Well, it was going to be a simple paint redo for an old piece from 2010 which was scrapped for being a dead-end piece and all...

But as I painted over it it just kind of took a weird turn.

And it just kept getting weird until the end.

Well, just watch the timelapse vid to see the process in action.